Freedom School of Motoring

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1 Hour Lesson    =  £  35.00     1.5 Hours =  £ 50.00

2 Hours               =  £  68.00       



10 Hours             =  £330.00     20 Hours  =  £  660.00

30 Hours             =  £990.00     40 Hours =   £1,3200.



6 Hours               =  £280.00 

The Pass Plus is a course designed by the DVSA for newly qualified drivers to increase their confidence and gain valuable experience in unfamiliar driving situations.  I am a registered Pass Plus instructor.

There are 6 modules to be taken but no test at the end of the course.  You will be given a Pass Plus Certificate which will enable you to receive a reduced insurance premium.



These courses are to help you gain confidence in making the correct decisions when driving at faster speeds.  Motorways can be used to develop added skills such as reading the road further ahead and anticipating the actions of other drivers.



If you have not driven since passing your test, or not driven for a while and lost your confidence, you may benefit from a refresher course to get you back on the road.